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Author Topic: More hot weather to come?  (Read 520 times)

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Re: More hot weather to come?
« Reply #20 on: 07 July 2018, 21:20:53 »
Can't remember the last time it rained here ? way to warm today 32c at one point  26c now

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Re: More hot weather to come?
« Reply #21 on: 07 July 2018, 22:11:55 »
i know it sounds sad but im a winter man..  i like the noise of the rain and the temp that comes with it lol..

i find it nicer n more comfortable to be cold trying to stay warm than too hot and trying to cool down
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Re: More hot weather to come?
« Reply #22 on: 08 July 2018, 01:32:06 »
Hi quick update on the current heatwave.
20c@1:20am- So no sign of rain/coolchange in the midlands as of yet.

@ 1bit To be honest I like the sunshine and the heat, but It's seems GB comes to a stand still in the heat as well as the snow, Not sure why that is?

 I suppose the air here becomes stagnant in the heat and it doesn't help, it reminds me of Adelaide S.A in the summer. It's winter there ATM 13c and they are complaining....It's the coldest winter in a long time in the south of OZ. ;) :D :angel:


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