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Author Topic: Viruses raining down from Earth's atmosphere, say scientists  (Read 343 times)

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Scientists say billions of viruses per square metre are being swept into the atmosphere before raining down on Earth.

Scientists have discovered that millions of viruses are travelling around the Earth's atmosphere.

The viruses are transported up on the back of organic particles suspended in air and gas - and then rain down upon the ground.

This could explain how genetically identical viruses can be found enormous distances apart - by hitching a ride on smaller particles swept up into the atmosphere.

Scientists from universities in Canada, Spain and the US have also, for the first time, quantified the number of viruses that are being swept up from the ground into the atmosphere.

The number is huge, stretching into the billions per square metre.

While the viruses and bacteria aren't reaching the heights of the stratosphere, they are being lifted way above the zone in which weather conditions are taking place.

The scientists say that at this height, in the troposphere, they can be carried thousands of kilometres before being dumped back down on the Earth's surface.

New research may explain why genetically identical viruses are often found in very different environments around the globe. Credit: Curtis Suttle, University of British Columbia
Genetically identical viruses have been found enormous distances apart
"Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer," said University of British Columbia virologist Curtis Suttle, referencing the lowest part of the atmosphere.

This could explain why genetically similar viruses can be discovered in very different environments around the globe.

Living diseases can be swept up into the atmosphere on the back of small particles from dusty soil and sea spray, according to Professor Suttle and his colleagues from the University of Granada and San Diego State University.

Billions of viruses and tens of millions of bacteria per square metre were detected being transported by the atmosphere on platform sites high in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain.

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Re: Viruses raining down from Earth's atmosphere, say scientists
« Reply #1 on: 07 February 2018, 20:11:30 »
Bit of a scare story , IMHO , we are and always have been surrounded by viri &  bacteria itís been known for more than a century, they travel mostly by using human or animal host migration ,   but also airborne using hosts , fortunately their one big killer airborne is UV radiation (the Sun )  and time,   living on a island works to our advantage in northern latitudes that has prevailing winds from the West, the time factor  (Atlantic Ocean) works to our advantage , = time+UV radiation ,
Although modern air travel  has changed   that ,

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Re: Viruses raining down from Earth's atmosphere, say scientists
« Reply #2 on: 22 February 2018, 22:03:03 »
That's interesting mate  :)

I was looking into European history and how sickness infected and spread, both here and in the new world. How plauge could destory whole civilizations almost over night and how it can still shape the world today, even with our medicines and brillant Docors. The black plauge was it a Virus or a Bacterial infection?
I think both, because it was only one of many bacterial infections that hitched a ride with the virus.
If that makes sence.
One thing I noticed that after an earth quake 6 and up on the scale sickness would soon follow


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