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Author Topic: Who would Win ?  (Read 1105 times)

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Re: Who would Win ?
« Reply #20 on: 22 May 2018, 20:49:16 »
thanks guys

...registered at new GPs today to get to see nurse as the nicorrette patches dont work (weak) and burn my skin very badly... NiQuitin is what i need, they work 100% and DONT burn your skin, ive only got one nicorrete patch left and over 300 gum (have to have a new gum every 30 minutes) - I will try but i have had the odd roll up - but i can tell im smoking less as my chest is heaving up phlegm which it does when i stop... once im settled i will be running every morning and that will help a lot
Hi Ibit how you doing ?   I have given up on the quit smoking yet again  , I blame it on stress , Hey got to blame something apart from me , but will give up evetualy when they nail down the coffin lid ,
today  had a car MOT'd and  went while waiting  at a thames river side cafe , nobody was smoking, so I took my latte to public bench seat  for a fag , lo and behold a honey of a young blonde came over and asked " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqmXLkJ8Bwk "  yes giving up is hard

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Re: Who would Win ?
« Reply #21 on: 01 June 2018, 14:15:13 »
no good m8 - patches burn and dont relieve craving - nicorrette or nicotenel . the only ones that work are NiQuitin and NTC dont give these out on NHS, i would have to see my DR and even then its a push, ive been advised by my uncles friend that my dr is terrible as well.

the nicotnell hve just 36mg (16 hours) on one patch and some sort of chamical delivery system and really burn my skin for 5 days per patch so constantly itching, nicorrrete have 56mg on (24 hours) and NiQuitin have nothing but 118Mg of nicotine in (24 hours) - they dont burn and stop the cravings.. the gum is just physcologic as i cut down with them but realised it was just mental, now im smoking 6-7 a day roll ups and want to start running as im slowly putting weight back on that took me a year to lose and summer is the worst time to be overweight as you sweat more and it makes me feel unwell too
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