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Author Topic: Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity firm is hacked  (Read 678 times)

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Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity firm is hacked
« on: 10 June 2015, 23:31:18 »

One of the leading anti-virus software providers has revealed that its own systems were recently compromised by hackers.

Kaspersky Lab said it believed the attack was designed to spy on its newest technologies.

It said the intrusion involved up to three previously unknown techniques.

The Russian firm added that it was continuing to carry out checks, but believed it had detected the intrusion at an early stage.

Although it acknowledged that the attackers had managed to access some of its files, it said that the data it had seen was "in no way critical to the operation" of its products.

"Spying on cybersecurity companies is a very dangerous tendency," said the company's chief executive Eugene Kaspersky.

"The only way to protect the world is to have law enforcement agencies and security companies fighting such attacks openly.

"We will always report attacks regardless of their origin."



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Re: Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity firm is hacked
« Reply #1 on: 11 June 2015, 21:17:42 »
it's not the 1st time  kaspersky has been targeted by hackers,they hacked their customer details a while back,although no financial info was taken(os so they said),same with probably every vendor,big feather in a hackers cap hacking a security company!


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