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Author Topic: Bit of a odd advice question  (Read 463 times)

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Bit of a odd advice question
« on: 08 April 2015, 21:03:56 »
As I am still clinging on to XP Pro, ( and still getting the security updates on patch Tuesday  ;) ),
I do have Win 7 pro . on a removed hard drive registered to this computer ,  as none of this computers hardware has been changed  I guess if I put the drive back ,  I will be OK for the free win 10 upgrade  ?
Then next winter I “might” build a new computer  put the win 10 hard drive in , probably have to jump  through a few hoops with microsoft then be good to go ? ,
As you can see I am not that much into computers ,  it’s just a tool  for finding info and e-mailing friends around the world , ….. and asking for advice on forums  :D,


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