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Author Topic: What's up  (Read 419 times)

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What's up
« on: 28 March 2015, 23:01:54 »
So where is everybody ? ,  surely some joke/joker  or disaster must have  have stuck ?,
remember we are here to share or laugh , cruel sods we are ,
indeed a new neighbours partner has moved out so he told me . I said you lucky sod ,don't think it was the reply he wanted ,  lol:1
or maybe you have won the Euro millions ?  and now pelvic deep in some exotic paradise  :afro:
if so "Buddy can you spare a dime " just nearly enough  for a  coffee  at my local cafe .
Starbucks for me is the Ritz ,
still taking my time about upgrading to Win 7 , indeed no rush is my motto ,
still working on the old adage " fools rush in , where angels fear to tread   ::)


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