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Author Topic: Plusnet investigates top-up data billing faults  (Read 446 times)

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Plusnet investigates top-up data billing faults
« on: 18 February 2015, 14:49:54 »

BT's Plusnet home broadband service has apologised after some of its customers incorrectly received emails telling them they were being billed extra for going over their traffic allowance.

The problem began on Tuesday, when subscribers' accounts started adding gigabytes of unused data.

Plusnet said that its engineers were "investigating the root cause".

It added that the issue had only affected "a small number" of its users, but did not say how many.

One customer contacted the BBC to report the problem.

"At 22 minutes past midnight this morning I received an email, and it said you are approaching your usage allowance, and once you've used your 40GB we'll charge you an extra 5 for every 5GB," Steve Rogers said.

"And then at 8.42am I got an email saying you've exceeded your usage, we've added some more.

"And then it happened again at 9.51am.



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