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Author Topic: Console War Could Be Over With This New Ultimate Gaming Device  (Read 488 times)

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Passionate gamers could argue for hours or even days on end about which they prefer out of Xbox, Playstation (and to a lesser extent Nintendo). However, someone's created the perfect combination of both gaming units to settle the console war by giving the best of both worlds.

Eddie Zarick's creation puts the Xbox One and PS4 side by side in one laptop style box. Dubbed the 'PlayBox' it is powered by the same cord and attached to a 22-inch monitor capable of full 1080p HD display.

However there are some limitations due to having both consoles housed together. You can only have one console switched on at a time to prevent overheating and the USB ports on the Xbox are inaccessible. The ethernet ports and Wifi still works though meaning there should be no problems playing all those games that frustratingly need a constant online connection.

Zarick says that he isn't currently selling these to just anyone. He made this prototype for a custom order but due to the time and effort it takes, he's not willing to put one together for any old gamer. He does invite serious customers to email if they want one, but be prepared to pay up quite a bit. He makes Xbooks and Playbook 4s which are the individual consoles in a laptop unit for $1,500 and $1,400 respectively which includes the price of the consoles themselves.



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