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Author Topic: problem with drive(s)..?  (Read 450 times)

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problem with drive(s)..?
« on: 07 January 2015, 22:57:31 »
SSD issue with new firmware and SFC issue

i have 2 Samsung EVO 840 in RAID '0' - this prevents me from upgrading the firmware (there is a new one) or using RAPID

but worst off all SFC / SCANNOW (both in windows 7 x64 and safe mode) say that it found problems but could not fix them? I could not boot into F8 safe mode so using msconfig method worked  but still didn't repair the issue

ive been told that the SSD(s) could be on their way out - the computer seems to work fine and AS SSD reports 1020MB/s / 780MB/s / 160,000 IOPS - SpeedFan reports the SMART data as fine?

but there is some odd stuff going on

im just concerned about this SFC issue and not being able to upgrade the firmware (as its RAID and not recognized) also my ex-gf said it would not load her profile (from sleep) and loaded a temp profile so I rebooted and now that worked


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