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Author Topic: Gaming Box Advice  (Read 889 times)

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Gaming Box Advice
« on: 07 January 2015, 02:48:55 »
Having built a dozen or so desktops over the years  ( impoverished friends & family)
Mainly for birthday/Christmas  etc
My eldest Uni grandson now has a week end job and some ££ to burn ( not a lot)
He is a avid gamer, while I know didly squat  about that ,
And he is asking me for advice/help/build , but not £££ this time  ;)
His existing 2.1/2 year old box is a gigabyte fm1 3 Ghz ,8Gb ddr3 ram, running slingshot
Seems fast to me ,
We are looking at a FM2+ board  + a AMD A660k4.2Ghz Cpu , +SSD
( had to smile it’s a Richland core , that we aint  :(

I guess you guys are going to say ditch AMD, go i7  nice but pricey ,
So not an option for us , by us that includes me , as I will inherit his old M/B and Cpu
for part sponsorship on his new build ,  ( bench mark tests its  x2 the speed of my 5 year old computer , and  then I might upgrade to win 7 ,  :o

Any thoughts ?
P.S. this time he will be doing the assembly etc, I will just supply the tools
and advice , like “you didn’t mean to do that did you” comment  lol:1

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Re: Gaming Box Advice
« Reply #1 on: 07 January 2015, 06:50:22 »
You could look at this site for suggestions. This their recommended entry page http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/pc_buyers_guide_summer_2014_dup457c,2.html . The A series AMD are apu (combined CPU and GPU) so very limiting your future cpu and graphics options.  If need to build with A series go for A8 or preferable a A10. A i7 is ideal but my sons have two year old i5 2400k type (unlocked clock speed) and just upgrade their graphics ( now on second upgrade looking for a third later this year, and happy to keep their current i5)
Windows 10 Home 64bit    Netgear D7000
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Re: Gaming Box Advice
« Reply #2 on: 07 January 2015, 14:29:52 »
especially for gaming: (edited) - this generally happens on scale..not just these models)

AMD CPU - slower and uses tons more energy (proven below) costing you nearly double in electricity every day  (something i'll guess you'll be worried about lol)  :D , they run hotter so cant be o'clocked as high
i got an AMD quad-core laptop (albeit 1.6ghz) APU and it struggled with 1080p!!! whats that about?
AMD, to keep prices down have been known to get "coil whine" (mostly on their GPUs) - this is when the coil(s)constantly make a whining sound when being used and can be a right PINA - constantly buzzing, clicking and whining, not all get it but some do and its usually down to cheap components, my now ex-GF's AMD stream laptop done it when i reset it for about 2 minutes!!

INTEL CPU - faster per price (proven - look at Toms Hardware) , better tech (like V-Sync + more) , uses less energy, so cheaper to run...also run cooler so can be clocked higher... don't get an i7 unless your using applications that specifically state they do utilize multi-threaded CPU's - i5's are better for games and a lot cheaper than an i7, this is because each core is 100% dedicated to its thread where an i7 may assign an import thread to to a "hyper threaded 'core'" and mean that its going to be less useful and could impact on game-play - if i had an i7 and gamed I would turn off Hyper-Threading because you dont know where windows or the game is assigning those important threads...on a dedicated core with 100% capacity , or a core thats using 70% capacity on its core on an unimportant thread leaving 30% capacity for a more important thread- you dont know!  -so buy i5, cheaper too

always Intel for gaming for all the reasons mentioned PLUS Toms Hardware have pitted them together and the i5 always wins for the price range

GPU-s I would say nVidia, cost more but again better IMHO - theres loads of evidence online showing this - unless you want the AMD R9 290 vacum cleaner with coil whine in your system lol

from start - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aqb62LP1qQ

 at 120+ seconds in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpD_r53qxJc

he says it got really hot at 93'C..!

you will see a ton of videos saying "how to get rid of coil whine"  basically run a million games through em! by time it stop the GPU should probably be almost dead!

High end GPU review to price range:

Best PCI Express (PCIe) Card: Tie
GeForce GTX 970
Introduced at a price point under £300, the GeForce GTX 970 is a disruptive force in the graphics card market. It enabled Radeon R9 290X-class frame rates for less money, forcing AMD to drop the prices on its single-GPU flagship. While the Radeon R9 290X can now be found for slightly less than the GeForce, Nvidia's Maxwell architecture facilitates lower power consumption.

AMD R9 290X
Still-Powerful But Power Hungry

AMD's Radeon R9 290X set a high bar for single-GPU performance when it launched, but was recently matched by Nvidia's GeForce GTX 970. Nevertheless, the Hawaii-powered board remains a very fast gaming product, and a valid recommendation with an average price point a few pounds below the GeForce GTX 970 despite it's higher appetite for electricity.

so in this race its a tie - but the nVidia has lower specs, uses much less power and did i forget too say the AMD sounds like a Vacuum just at 75% which is norm!!

know which ones i would be getting

145 watts on average (Nvidia) compared to 250 watts on average (AMD R9) - NVIDIA = same performance, less noise, less power used

who in their right mind would build an AMD gaming PC

heard of "tearing" with APU's...  look it up

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Re: Gaming Box Advice
« Reply #3 on: 08 January 2015, 22:22:31 »
Thanks KWR & snadge ,

Seems the more I learn the less I know , 
I have sort of Chickened out on this build , thrown the ball back in his court,
it would be best if he suggests what he needs, it just aint my field , never will be,
but willing to help with the build ,

Must admit I have a love for AMD & Nvidia , only ever used Intel once on a build
coupled with a MSI board , and wasn't impressed ,
not that many things impress me much these days , ( miserable old Git syndrome )
building on a tight budget ?, might suggest grandson sells  a guitar or 2 out of his collection ( 9) :o , now that would make him  :( , and give me chance to repeat the roco "legend in his own lunch time"  about having to cycle 12 miles to work for £4.50 a week to do my apprenticeship while he has to attend a couple of history lectures a week at London UNI ,  lol:1
Joking aside he is a good kid ? (20) we both share the same sense of humour ,


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Re: Gaming Box Advice
« Reply #4 on: 09 January 2015, 00:19:34 »
1.when was the Intel? 
2.what type of intel CPU?
3. Symptms?

aswell as the rest of your spec and i will tell you exactly why you didnt have a good time with it

also with gaming its about PRICE... so how much does he have to spend and you can put an AMD/AMD spec together and a Intel/nVidia/ or Intel/AMD

you dont want APUs - look up tearing, you want a dedicated AMD graphics card and dedicated ADM CPU (if going AMD route)

tearing is when you have the dedicated GPU and integrated GPU on the CPU (APU) both processing the image , one usually process the top half and the other the bottom - tearing is basically when they dont sync up very well becuase processing being slightly out

heres a video

that when you have TWO AMD's as APU's doing the graphics...

all you need to do is figure out a price then come back to us and we'll give him an Intel/nVidia or AMD/AMD setup OR Intel/AMD which are common cos the AMD GPU's are cheap - but ive told you why, they are cheap, have the power but can be noisy and use almost twice the power in electric - think every year you could of bought a new component with the money saved on a nVidia - ALSO as they run hot the performance drops!!

its a no brainer


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Re: Gaming Box Advice
« Reply #5 on: 09 January 2015, 00:40:57 »
1.when was the Intel? 
2.what type of intel CPU?
3. Symptms?

aswell as the rest of your spec and i will tell you exactly why you didnt have a good time with it
in the past,not sure about current crop as unless I want to buy/build something I don't check things,amd gave you far more bang for your money than intel and the ati(amd) graphic cards had the edge over nvidia for the same price,never did forgive nvidia for buying 3dfx,voodoo, and then scraping their technology after saying they were going to carry on developing it


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