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Author Topic: 4G to be as slow as 3G by this time next year?  (Read 502 times)

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4G to be as slow as 3G by this time next year?
« on: 06 November 2014, 10:27:59 »

The average speed of 4G connections in the UK has almost halved in the past year, as networks struggle to cope with a flood of new users.

The research, conducted by OpenSignal and consumer watchdog Which? found that the average speed of 4G connections had fallen from around 19Mbits/sec in September 2013 to just over 10Mbits/sec by August 2014. OpenSignal uses an app installed on 40,000 users' smartphones to record actual throughput.

4G still remains over twice as fast as 3G, with average 3G speeds recorded at just below 4Mbits/sec, but if 4G continues its downward trajectory it's debatable whether there will be any noticeable difference between the speeds of the two networks by this time next year.

The research found Vodafone had the fastest average 4G speeds of any network, clocking in at 13.21Mbits/sec. EE was pegged at 11.78Mbits/sec, O2 at 10.5Mbits/sec and Three at 8.95Mbits/sec.

[Vodafone has the fastest 4G network in the UK

It's something of a vindication for Vodafone, which was labelled the UK's worst mobile network in tests conducted by RootMetrics earlier this year. Vodafone questioned the validity and impartiality of RootMetrics' results at the time, although the testing organisation insisted its results were "completely independent".

Vodafone may have the fastest 4G, but it doesn't have the most widespread coverage. The average EE customer spends just over half their time connected to 4G, according to OpenSignal, while Vodafone customers are only on 4G for 38% of the time. Three customers spend just a fifth of their time connected to 4G, although Three does have better 3G coverage and performance than any of its rivals.

"Three has the highest time on combined 3G/4G LTE networks [94%], although... thatís thanks to its 3G network rather than 4G," OpenSignal reports. "Three also lacks a 2G network so there is no back up for making calls or sending texts. The best network that also has 2G was EE, with its users having access to 3G or 4G LTE 81% of the time over the past three months."


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Re: 4G to be as slow as 3G by this time next year?
« Reply #1 on: 06 November 2014, 20:17:15 »
i used 4g a couple of weeks ago on giffgaffs trial, 1gb went just like that, nice and fast but eats up data very quickly


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