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Author Topic: BT and Huawei hit 3Tbits/sec fibre speeds  (Read 539 times)

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BT and Huawei hit 3Tbits/sec fibre speeds
« on: 08 October 2014, 19:42:38 »

BT and Huawei have developed a data transfer mechanism so efficient it can transmit the equivalent of 100 uncompressed HD films in one second.

The 3Tbits/sec speeds are, the companies believe, the fastest ever achieved in a real-world environment using an existing fibre link and commercial-grade hardware and software.
The speeds were achieved over a 359 field fibre link running from BT's Adastral Park research and development centre in Suffolk to the BT Tower in central London.

The trial used "Flexgrid" infrastructure, which increases the density of channels on a fibre by compressing the gaps between them from 50GHz to 33.5GHz.

BT claimed this allows the company to increase the capacity of its network without having to lay down more cables.

Neil J McRae, chief network architect at BT said: "Flexgrid technology is evolving quickly, and this trial has been invaluable in demonstrating the feasibility of this emerging technology in a real, truly testing environment".

"The trial result also demonstrates how well be able to maximise the efficiency of BTs existing investments, extending the life of our core infrastructure, whilst continuing to meet the needs of a 21st Century digital society," he added.

The news of this latest achievement comes just two weeks after BT announced it had reached speeds of 800Mbits/sec using copper lines, thanks to a technique called G.Fast.

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