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Author Topic: Shocker  (Read 467 times)

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« on: 24 September 2014, 20:46:39 »
I have noticed recently, that when I touch the (return) or (homepage) section on my phone, that I can feel an electric charge running from the phone through and up my finger, has anyone here had the same experience?


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Re: Shocker
« Reply #1 on: 24 September 2014, 20:53:00 »
this is how touch screens on smartphones work, they use static electricity in your body to detect your finger, its called capacitive technology, if your feeling it a lot then you have a lot of static build up in your body... probably off your slippers rubbing on the carpet, you should get it on all points of the phone not just one, i don't really get it with mine but i do have a screen protector on which weakens the bonds but only slightly, I also found that on some occasions some fingers worked and some didn't


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