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Author Topic: Good Offer?  (Read 420 times)

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Good Offer?
« on: 11 August 2014, 16:46:10 »
As a TalkTalk customer, they have offered "Just for me" a Nokia Lumia 630 with 300mins....unlim texts and 600mb of data for 10 per month, OR.... a Sony Experia E1 with 100 mins.....200 texts and 200mb data for 5 a month both on 24 month contract.....   Would any of you consider that to be a good deal or not.  (Im a very light user)

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Re: Good Offer?
« Reply #1 on: 11 August 2014, 17:19:49 »
If you want a easy user interface more than functionality and your not into tweaking then the windows based lumia 630. If you like to fiddle with settings try apps and uninstall them then it's the Sony.

If your a low user then the Sony, but if you get to like using it you'll find you'll use your allowance quite quickly, so it's the lumia 630 for the better allowances.

But if you don't use it more can you downgrade to the lower tariff, I would think not.

For me it's the lumia, I think once you get familar with it for internet browsing you'll soon use up your allowance.
They can be addictive.

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