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Author Topic: the best 'free?' Data Recovery software hands down...?  (Read 458 times)

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Im sick of all these websites say that Recuva is the best free data recovery program hands down..just look and you will see....well..this RECUVA program may be good but
1) its deep scan takes DAYS upon DAYS on large drives full of data
2) it can only recover drives or partitions it can actually see, if it cant see it then your totally screwed

I used DiskDigger which was much better and could preview as it scanned and was much quicker than RECUVA and allows you to scan a 'created' image of the drive keeping the original intact should things go wrong...it also doesnt allow recovery of RAW partitions but i know there are plenty are that do... all you gotta do is "quick format" on the drive then run it

I had to cancel recuva after 4 days (10,000 files), disk digger done it in just over 1 day (10,000 files)

its good for quick recovery off drives you can see in my computer.... but rubbish for more complicated recovery...


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