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Author Topic: Netgear Nighthawk - Asus RT-N68U - Homehub v5 is best...??  (Read 886 times)

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so I had a customer in yesterday looking at routers , he has plusnet and hadthe bog standard cheap "get with ISPs routers"

now I suggested the Asus RT-N66U because the external antenae would yiel much better coverage as he has stone walls - after 10 minutes of explaining how things work I mentioned the new Netgear NightHawk R1900  then mentioned the Asus RT-N68U that we had and again spent about 20 minutes in total with the guy who was coming back tomorrow too pick up his sons laptop that broke,,,

when he came he said he researched it and the homehub5 was a much better router than those mentioned,,,,wonder if him getting one or free made any difference.... though!! as he mentioned that he could get one for free.

i wont be surprised if he's back as the high speed qouted on trusted reviews are with AC which he doesnt have, and I dont think their wording of "solid walls" mean stone like his were... at 2.4 Ghz it got 25.92Mbps

The HH5ís 2.4GHz 802.11n performance holds up as well. Speeds of 10.4MBps (83.2Mbps), 7.6MBps (60.8Mbps) and 3.24MBps (25.92Mbps) again place it in the top bracket of all the wireless routers we have tested with only the proprietary 2.4GHz technology in the EA6900 and Asus RT-AC68U breaking clear.
Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/bt-home-hub-5_Peripheral_review_performance-value-verdict_Page-2#P8CMs10cEMCMkTLR.99


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