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Author Topic: do you dig it ?  (Read 382 times)

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do you dig it ?
« on: 13 July 2014, 22:10:38 »
For those that appreciate a garden, maybe I was fortunate I grew up in area
where the front garden has to be immaculate  the back garden was for vegetables,

Dads worked a normal 48 hour week  , spent their home time cutting grass and weeding and digging up spuds , I guess as the next generation I said WTF, is that the way to spend your life ,
So my new ex jungle of a garden is going to be as future maintenance free as possible ,
I figure sipping martinis ( shaken not stirred  on a sun lounger ) to be the future for me,
The funny side ! (well it makes me laugh) , when I first moved to the village ,I went to the co-op wearing my best London gear with matching “cravat”. cracked a few witticism’s  with the blonde  village check out girl , made her laugh so much the manager appeared ,
She said where T.F. has he come from , I replied ETON .I never mentioned it was a one day bus trip , today I arrived at the co-op with a tattered shirt and jeans even Romanian charity banks refuse , little Blondie said  you look a mess  your jeans are at 1/2 mast .
I replied don’t worry my underpants are the latest Kelvin Klein’s,
Result the manager re-appeard  lol
She gasped he should be on TV , I pointed out I often was , (Halfords advert )
Think I have a new fan in young blondie  ? 
See pic for today’s garden update .

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