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Author Topic: Free Anti-Virus programs that use other AV Engines...take a look at this :)  (Read 1795 times)

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http://www.av-comparatives.org/av-vendors/ - (list below)

seems Bit-Defender is the engine behind a large amount of products... if Ashampoo uses Emsisoft & Bit-Defender then it should be a really good product - also HitmanPro (Bit-Defender, Ikarus, Emsisoft) & QiHoo  (Avira + Bit+Defender), of course you need a decent CPU to run these "dual-engines" as they can be demanding

anyway - when it comes to free AV's :

Immunet is a free AV and uses Bit-Defender engine :)

Zone-Alarm has a free AV+Firewall suite and it uses Kaspersky engine :)

Baidu is a free AV and uses Avira aswell as its own and scores higher (2nd Place) than Avira on AVC's March File Detection test :) - BUT scores extremely high on False Positives :( in fact upong scanning my computer it found 7 infection..all of which got a full bill of health from VirusTotal which scans the files with 52 security programs...one of them was even Microsofts Office Removal Tool - but still its best to have something 'flagged' then make a decision, than letting real viruses through the net!

Digital-Defender uses Sophos engine (which is reputable) and is also free :)

Lavasoft has a free AV and uses Bit-Defender engine :)

AV-C's March 2014 Detection tests

Agnitum (Outpost)   http://www.agnitum.com      
AhnLab (V3)   http://global.ahnlab.com      
Antiy   http://www.antiy.com      
ArcaBit   http://www.arcabit.com      
Ashampoo   http://www.ashampoo.com      Bitdefender, Emsisoft
avast!   http://www.avast.com       
AVG   http://www.avg.com   
AVIRA   http://www.avira.com      
aVtomic   http://www.avtomic.com      
BachKhoa   http://www.bkav.com.vn      
Baidu   http://sd.baidu.com      AVIRA
BeyondTrust (eEye)   http://www.beyondtrust.com      
BitDefender   http://www.bitdefender.com      
Bluepoint   http://www.bluepointsecurity.com      
BullGuard   http://www.bullguard.com      Bitdefender
ByteHero   http://www.bytehero.com      
Cerber   http://www.cerberav.com      
Checkpoint (ZoneAlarm)   http://www.zonealarm.com      Kaspersky
Cyren (Commtouch)   http://www.commtouch.com      
Comodo   http://www.comodo.com      
Defenx   http://www.defenx.com      Agnitum
Digital Defender   http://www.digital-defender.com      Sophos
Dr. Web   http://www.drweb.com      
Emsisoft   http://www.emsisoft.com      Bitdefender
eScan   http://www.escanav.com      Bitdefender
ESET   http://www.eset.com      
EstSoft (ALYac, Roboscan)   http://alyac.altools.co.kr      Bitdefender
Filseclab (Twister)   http://www.filseclab.com      
Fortinet   http://www.fortinet.com      
F-Secure   http://www.f-secure.com      Bitdefender
G DATA   http://www.gdata.de      Bitdefender
HackSoft   http://www.hacksoft.com.pe      
HAURI (ViRobot)   http://www.hauri.net      Bitdefender + Hauri
Ikarus   http://www.ikarus.at      
IMEN   http://www.imenantivirus.com      Bitdefender
Immunet   http://www.immunet.com      Bitdefender
INPAG   http://www.inpagantivirus.com      
iolo   http://www.iolo.com      Cyren
Jiangmin   http://www.jiangmin.com      
K7   http://www.k7computing.com      
Kaspersky Lab   http://www.kaspersky.com      
Kingsoft   http://www.kingsoft.com      Bitdefender
KromTech   http://www.zeobit.com      AVIRA
Lavasoft (Ad-Aware)   http://www.lavasoft.com      Bitdefender
Lumension   http://www.lumension.com      Norman
Malwarebytes   http://www.malwarebytes.org      
McAfee   http://www.mcafee.com      
Micropoint   http://www.micropoint.com.cn      
Microsoft   http://windows.microsoft.com/MSE      
Moosoft   http://www.moosoft.com      
Msecure   http://msecuredatalabs.com      Ikarus
Nano Antivirus   http://www.nanoav.ru      
Netgate   http://www.netgate.sk      
Nifty   http://www.nifty.co.jp      Kaspersky
Norman   http://www.norman.com      
nProtect   http://www.nprotect.com      Bitdefender
Panda   http://www.cloudantivirus.com      
PC PitStop   http://www.pcpitstop.com      Vipre
Preventon   http://www.preventon.com      AVIRA
Proactive Patrol   http://www.proactivepatrol.com      
PSafe   http://www.psafe.com      Bitdefender
Qihoo   http://sd.360.cn      Bitdefender, AVIRA
QuickHeal   http://www.quickheal.com      
Rising   http://www.rising.com.cn      
SafeNSoft   http://www.safensoft.com      Bitdefender
Sanlen Security (AnTieNuo)   http://www.sanlen.com      
SecurityCoverage (SecureIT)   http://www.securitycoverage.com      Bitdefender
Senvira   http://senvira.com      Sophos
SmartCOP   http://www.s-cop.com      
Softsphere (DefenseWall)   http://www.softsphere.com      
Sophos   http://www.sophos.com      
Sourcefire (ClamAV)   http://www.clamav.net      
SourceNext   http://www.sourcenext.com      Bitdefender
SurfRight (HitmanPro)   http://www.surfright.nl      Bitdefender, Emsisoft, Ikarus
Symantec (Norton)   http://www.symantec.com      
Tencent   http://guanjia.qq.com      AVIRA
TG Soft (VirIT)   http://www.tgsoft.it      
ThreatTrack Vipre   http://www.vipreantivirus.com      
TotalDefense   http://www.totaldefense.com      
Trend Micro   http://www.trendmicro.com      
TrojanHunter (Mischel)   http://www.trojanhunter.com      
TrustPort   http://www.trustport.com      Bitdefender, AVG
UnThreat   http://www.unthreat.com      Vipre
UtilTool   http://www.utiltool.com      Sophos
VexxGuard   http://www.vexxguard.com      Sophos
VirusBlokAda (VBA32)   http://www.anti-virus.by   
VirusChaser   http://www.vccn.com.cn      Bitdefender
Webroot   http://www.webroot.com      
Websense   http://www.websense.com      
ZenOK   http://www.zenok.com      Bitdefender
Zoner   http://www.zonerantivirus.com      AVG


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