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Author Topic: Amazon Phone Preview: What Will Amazon Unveil  (Read 505 times)

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Amazon Phone Preview: What Will Amazon Unveil
« on: 17 June 2014, 21:33:35 »

amazon phone release date rumours

Amazon is set to launch itself into a whole new market on 18 June, with the launch of the Amazon Phone, or Amazon Kindle Phone if you're being really pedantic.

But with so many major smartphone manufacturers already fighting it out what can Amazon offer that say the Samsung Galaxy S5 can't?

Here's our best guess as to what's in store for the announcement, which starts Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Unique Features? Well if rumours are to be believed (as they so often are) then it looks like Amazon will be launching the first truly 3D smartphone.

Why do we think that? Well if you check out what the uber-tech experts over at TechRadar have you'll find that not only have images of the Amazon Phone already appeared but that those images show a phone with multiple cameras.

What does that mean? Well much in the same way that the Xbox Kinect tracks your body, the Amazon Phone would use multiple cameras to track your face, adjusting the display to match giving you what Amazon hopes, will be the first ultra-realistic and nausea-free 3D experience.



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