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Why more Megapixels isnt the only thing you should consider when buying a camera or a phone

In today's Cameras and Phones (especially phones) company's like to use the fact of 'how many megapixels' it has to gauge its quality in the hope it will sell more, this is far from the truth.
Megapixels are simply how many dots (pixels) make up the image, but thats not the whole story, if its quality your after you would do better with a higher quality camera with 10 megapixels than a lower (cheaper) quality camera that says it has 20 Megapixels, you may have 20 Megapixels, but the image made up by these pixels will be poor.

The reasons for this, well for starters you need the following to get a great picture and these cost money:

A) A decent lens that built into the camera/phone such as Leica.
B) A decent 'larger' Sensor to catch more light and detail when the photo is taken, more light equals less-noisy images, greater dynamic range and a better picture quality altogether
C) A decent Post Image Processor, this process the image and adds Post-Image Processing, basically it cleans up the photo by removing noise, making sure the colours are good and a whole lot more.
D) Good Pre-shot Image features, such as Stabilization and Focus, this ensures you don't get blur if the subject (or your hands) are moving.

This is why phone cameras tend to be poor in comparison to real cameras, this is because they want their phones to be thin and you just cant fit a large sensor and decent lens into a phone without compromising on how 'slim' it is - they generally have poor Image processing aswell, especially in dark light.

Anything with 10 Megapixels (or more if you should wish) is enough for anyone (in a decent camera) as-long as it has all of the above, I have a 7 year old (as of 2015) Panasonic DMC-TZ7 which outputs at 10 megapixels and it still takes stunning photos compared to todays cameras, it actually has a 12.7 Megapixel sensor and uses the extra 2.7 Megapixels for Image Stabilization.

Good makes of Cameras are considered to be:

this Guide should really Interest you, its by a guy called Ken Rockwell who is a highly knowledgeable camera expert who does prove that even 6 Megapixels is all you need, even if your making posters for bill boards - its all about point of view, you dont go right up to a billboard and look at it do you? you drive past and in your point of view the billboard is no bigger than a 8x4 Photograph.


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