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Firmware is the term used for the 'built-in' software stored on a chip that runs an electronic device, just about all electronic devices have them, from DVD Players, TV's and Mobile Phones to Hi-Fi Systems, Remote Controls and even the seperate hardware components inside your computer, anything electronic that has some form of function will have a Firmware, updates can be supplied from time to time to provide fixes or extra functions, here you can download the latest Firmwares for your router, we also have links to custom Firmware for those of you who want to tweak your router.

DG Team Custom Firmware for Netgear Routers
DG Team created custom Firmwares for a series of older Netgear Routers, they are currently no longer continuing the project at the moment but some of the firmwares are still available for those that want them, these firmware add optimizations and extra functions, one of which allows user to change the SNR Margin to gain faster speeds.

Netgear DG834N (v1)
DG Team 1018
Netgear Firmware
Netgear DG834GT
DG Team 1018
Netgear Firmware
Netgear DG834PN
DG Team 1018
Netgear Firmware

Netgear DGN2000
DG Team 1018
Netgear Firmware
Netgear DG834G (v4)
DG Team 1018
Netgear Firmware

NETGEAR Firmwares
DGN1000 - DGN2000 - DGN2200 - DGN3500 - DGNB2100 - DGND3300 - DGND3700 - WGR614 - WPN824N - WNR1000 - WNR2000 - WNR3500L - WNB2100 - WNDR3400 - WNDR4000 - WNDR3800 - WNDR37AV - DG834 - DG834G - DG834GT - DG834GU - DG834GV - DG834N - DG834PN

D-LINK Firmwares
DIR300 - DIR457 - DIR600 - DIR615 - DIR635 - DIR652 - DIR685 - DIR815 - DIR825 - DIR855 - DAP1160 - DAP1350 - DAP1353 - DAP1360 - DAP1522 - DSL-2640R - DSL-2680 - DSL-2740R - DSL-320B

LINKSYS Firmwares

WRT54GL - WRT610N - WRT120N - WRT160NL - E1000 - E2000 - E3000 - E4200 - X2000 - WAG320N - WAG120N - WAG160N - WAP54G - SE2500 - SE2800

ASUS Firmwares
DSL-G31 - DSL-N11 - DSL-N12U - DSL-N13 - RT-N10 - RT-N12 - RT-N13 - RT-N13U - RT-N15 - RT-N16 - RT-N56U - RT-G32 - WL-500gP V2

ZyXELL Firmwares
NBG-416N - NBG-4115 - NBG-419N - NBG-4606 - NBG-4615 - NBG-5715 - WAP3205

TP-LINK Firmwares
TD-W8961ND - TD-W8961NB - TD-W8960N - TD-W8960NB - TD-W300KIT - TD-W8951ND - TD-W8950ND - TD-W8151N - TD-W8901G - TD-W8901GB - TD-W8101G - TD-W150KIT - TD-8810 - TD-8811 - TD-8816 - TD-8817 - TD-8840 - TD-8840T - TL-MR3220 - TL-MR3420 - TL-WR1043ND - TL-WR300KIT - TL-WR841N - TL-WR841ND - TL-WR940N - TL-WR941ND - TL-WA801ND - TL-WA901ND

DYNAMODE Firmwares
R-ADSL-C4-EG - R-ADSL-C4-2(White) - R-ADSL-C4-2(Black) - R-ADSL-C4W-G (AWR2440) - R-ADSL-C4W-G (Annex A) - R-ADSL-C1S/C4S - R-ADSL-C1 (C4) - R-ADSL-C4WG2 - R-ADSL-4-2A - R-ADSL-C4W-G1 - R-ADSL-411N - BR6004-WG - BR-6004W-G-N - BR-6004W-G2M - BR6004W-G1 - BR411NT - BR411AP

BELKIN Firmwares
Please use this page to get access to all Belkin (UK) Router Firmewares, choose your model from the list to get the approriate firmware download.

BUFFALO Firmwares
Please use this page to get access to all Buffalo Firmwares, choose your model from the list in the page to get the approriate firmware download.

ISPs may use one of the above routers but are more likely to do so with their own 'branded' firmware and most of the ISP's choose to lock them out, this means that you can not flash the router with the default factory firmware, it has to be a version of the ISP's software, some ISP routers can be hacked or unlocked but not all of them, if your having issues with your router and its branded/locked then please see your ISP for help.

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