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How To Install Windows From A USB Stick or USB Hard-Drive

Ok so you need to install windows ok fairly straightforward you think but there’s a problem the DVD ROMs not working or maybe it’s a netbook  with no DVD drive how do you do it ?
This is how I do it, please make sure the machine is capable of booting from a USB device
You will need a good quality USB flashdrive  of at least 4gig in size or an external hardrive of suitable size,  Your choice of windows Vista/win7/win8 on DVD

Ok here we go from another machine plug in your flash drive or external hardrive
Open Command Prompt with admin rights and type DISKPART  then hit enter, on the last line you should see this  DISKPART>  next type LIST DISK  then enter you should now see all your disks connected to the pc, now most important make a note of the disk or flashdrive number that you want the put the windows files on, example disk1.

Now we need to type these commands one after the other,

SELECT DISK 1    I have used disk 1 as an example yours will differ

Don’t close cmd just minimize it
Now put your windows disk into your DVD drive it would help if you made a note of your DVD drive letter at this point, we will use D for DVD drive and I for the usb device in this example.

Now maximise the cmd window and type D: CD BOOT  where D is your DVD drive, so if it's E: then replace with E:
Then type CD BOOT then enter
You should get something like D:\> CD boot

Now type BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 I: I: being your usb device again your device letter will differ then enter, you should see something like “bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes and D:\boot>
Close cmd

Now just simply copy the contents of your windows dvd to your usb device when done just unplug and plug into the machine you want to install windows on, Remember to set bios to boot from usb.

You now have a flash drive or external hardrive you can install window from at any time
Or repair your windows installation  

Thanks to Den1 for this guide :)
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