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Introductions / New member
« Last post by fudgietheoriginal on 14 February 2017, 06:20:12 »
Hello :)
Introductions / Re: welcome to THE TECH FORUM
« Last post by fudgietheoriginal on 14 February 2017, 06:18:20 »
Morning and hello. :)

Phones / Re: VOIP !
« Last post by snadge on 14 February 2017, 01:01:27 »
Sorry to hear about your friend

You can buy a USB phone £20

Or you can buy a USB Adapter for your phone £10

Phones / Re: VOIP !
« Last post by Roco on 13 February 2017, 22:29:26 »
Thanks Snadge,  I am definatly living in the horse and cart age LOL ,
got Skype  set up on my P.C,  cant belive  the  amount of info needed
( mobile phone etc )  for registration  texts ,  canít be done using a land line # ,
Fortunately I have several PYG  mobiles in my cars , LOL   quick charge up and I was in biz ,  now have a Skype account , with a fake name  linked to a PAYGO throw away £10 Nokia ,  ha ha ,  now looking for a USB mike  ,   but have read  you can use a land line corded phone using a USB adapter ? , which would be my preferred route ,
p.s . the sad part, one of my American friends  ( 58 y )  died last night at his sisters birthday party,  what a  party spoiler !, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE   
,  been in email with his widow , f*ck the cost   going  to phone daytime in their time zone  , sorting Skype can wait for now, 
Broadband / Re: HG633
« Last post by snadge on 13 February 2017, 17:48:34 »
yeah its just which setting the routers using for the wifi...best left on auto so it can adjust for certain devices connected

see the chart to see what each 1-15 setting is (for N and AC)

the default is probably 15

Broadband / Re: HG633
« Last post by gannite6364 on 13 February 2017, 16:06:26 »
snadge the options are auto plus 1 to 15.
Broadband / Anyone else having issues with Talk Talk & new DLM..?
« Last post by snadge on 13 February 2017, 12:24:46 »
My Auntie says she is in the test socket but has been experiencing disconnections frequently on Talk Talk, ive checked on their forums and there are lots of people with the same issue (hers is regular ADSL) and someone said there is a new DLM which is causing problems?

can anyone confirm this?

also theres lots of people requesting firmware updates

Phones / Re: VOIP !
« Last post by snadge on 13 February 2017, 10:29:43 »
Skype is the most popular VOiP application in the world & allows calls or video phone, use that, simply download, install, create an account with username, pass the username onto friends and tell them to install skype too .. if your using a laptop your ready to go, otherwise you need a webcam with microphone for PC - at least for calls a headset with mic will do, or you can buy skype/voip handsets that plug into your PC https://www.amazon.co.uk/voip-skype-phones/b?ie=UTF8&node=356492011

if you have an old Microphone lying about plug that in and the sound comes out of the TV/monitor/speakers, however your setup
Broadband / Re: AdBlockPlus ..Blocking Ads even when disabled
« Last post by snadge on 13 February 2017, 10:15:45 »
no its still the same, like i say in the post it works fine on firefox  :)

its chromium based browsers it happens on and the devs have known about it for months but dont seem to be doing anything about it
Broadband / Re: HG633
« Last post by snadge on 13 February 2017, 10:13:34 »
its just the wireless mode, what options are available other than auto?

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