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Broadband / Saving SSD writes & Speeding up your Browser with RAMdisk
« Last post by snadge on 20 February 2017, 19:41:43 »
Thought I would post a guide for this, as most of you will know I recently tried various different setups of browser caching in RAMdisk, I noticed that when Chrome and Firefox where set to use RAMdisk as their cache, that they would still write excessively to the SSD (lowering the SSD's endurance),

...yes, I know tests have shown them to last 100's of TB's but thats besides the point, if one can almost stop excessive writes and speed up browsing by a signifcant margin then why not?

I found that Opera portable worked spot on, but you could not set this as a default browser as it was not technically 'installed', So I found the fix was to install Opera (full) in the RAMdisk, set as the default browser, THEN, manually delete it out and replace it with the portable version, this created the illusion of it being installed on the computer and allows it to be set as default for email links in the mail app etc.

Browsing is much faster like this too... pages flick up in a fraction of a second compared to before (which was still fast but not as fast as this)


First of all, to do this you will need to be able to afford at least 600Mb from your RAM.

1) Download and install RAMdisk from HERE
2) Ensure the 'Advanced' view option is ticked in VIEW, then in the SETTINGS Tab set RAMdisk to use 600MB as the drive and enter a Label for it such as 'RAMdisk'.

3) In the LOAD/SAVE Tab make sure you set the filename and location to save the RAMdisk backup image too, then check SAVE AT SHUTDOWN (if you want this option, see notes at footer) and LOAD AT STARTUP.

4) In the OPTIONS Tab, uncheck everything except for 'DO NOT CREATE A BACKUP FILE WHEN SAVING DISK IMAGE'

5) Press START RAMDISK at the bottom, once started you will find a new drive in MY COMPUTER, it is here where we are going to install Opera and replace that install with Portable Opera (as this version saves its cache locally on the RAMdisk (in the RAM).

6) Go to your RAMdisk in MY COMPUTER and create a folder called 'Opera'.


1) Download Opera (full) from HERE and during install make sure you change the install location to the folder you created in your RAMdisk (in my case it is drive G:\Opera, yours may be different), Install and Open Opera, make 100% sure you set it as the default browser, after you've done that go into the RAMdisk and delete all the files and folders out of the 'Opera' folder

2) Download Opera Portable from HERE, install it into the Opera folder on the RAMdisk ensuring that it will be installed with the same hierarchy as the previous one (otherwise your shortcut wont work), the main exe is called Launcher.exe, so if the previous full install was X:\Opera\Launcher.exe then you need to install this one so its the same, you can install it to another location to check it first then copy and paste the files across, this just ensures that windows can find Opera if you open links from within other applications.

3) You should now be able to click on the shortcut on the desktop (from the full stable install) and it should open the portable version, now set Opera up how you like to use it, copy your bookmarks across and then open RAMdisk and click file / SAVE DISK IMAGE NOW, this will create the image file in case you lose power between now and shutdown.

Thats it!! :)

FOOTER NOTE: Yes this will write 600MB to your SSD/HDD every-time you shut down - but if you use Sleep instead of shutdown, or you use your PC all day then it may actually save you a lot of writes, also you can set it too only LOAD AT STARTUP (ensuring youve saved the image at least once) and this will cause it too start with the settings and cache of whatever you last saved it at...but not write the IMAGE to disk when you shutdown, If your are to use this method then best visit all your regular sites, login, then save the Image... this means every-time you start RAMdisk you will have a cache of all your regular sites and not lose your 'login' session/cookies - however for most people this would provide a good security benefit if you save the image without visiting your websites and logging in, as this would mean everytime you start Opera (after booting into windows) it is with zero cache and zero cookies/history
Broadband / 20 per cent of emails sent in 2016 were loaded with ransomware
« Last post by snadge on 20 February 2017, 16:57:12 »

BAD NEWS. Last year there were a heck of a lot of ransomware emails sent out and this year things will be just as bad.

According to the bearers of bad news known as Kaspersky, 20 per cent of all the email traffic that bounced around last year was crammed with ransomware trojans. If you do not know what a ransomware trojan is you are a) either not a regular reader, or b) lucky enough to have never been shaken down by bar stewards with access to your computer.

Ransomware is a pain in the arse. It is a menace to get rid of, easy to get hold of and throws victims into a personal debate of whether to pay, throw away their computer, or go out and hunt for the little swine that is trying to make your life a misery.

Kaspersky isn't just here to worry us about ransomware, as it also points out that over 50 per cent of all traffic is spam (we thought it was press releases about the Internet of Things).

This hardly leaves any room for kitten pics or Nigerian princes without a clue about how to invest money sensibly. The volume of spam increased by three per cent compared to 2015, which means that spam filters don't work or work harder than anything else on the planet.

That is unless you count botnets. These days botnets are so impressive that they have earned "mega" status. Kaspersky's mind is on spam though, and not the kind that you have for lunch.

"2016 saw a variety of changes in spam flows, with an increase in the number of malicious mass mailings containing ransomware being the most significant. Such an extensive use of ransomware may be due to the availability of this sort of malware on the black market," said Darya Gudkova, spam analyst expert at Kaspersky Lab.

"Currently, cybercriminals can not only rent a botnet to send out spam, they can also use so-called Ransomware-as-a-Service. This means that the attacker may not be a hacker in the traditional sense, and may not even know how to code. In 2017 the volume of malicious spam is unlikely to fall."

In case you want to know what to look out for. Spam is usually Balls and comes from someone you don't know. Even if it does come from someone you know it usually looks suspicious, and it will probably have an attachment and some reason for you to open that attachment.

Our advice is: Just don't.
cheers :)

I forgot too mention, theres also the energy factor... AMD's current line up (not Ryzen) uses nearly TWICE as much power compared to an Intel chip of the same and higher performance.

The Ryzen chips however are reported to be the same energy as current Intel chips

Computers / Data theft hackers sentenced in US
« Last post by snadge on 20 February 2017, 13:45:00 »

Two hackers who separately profited from stealing personal and financial data have been sentenced in the US.
Sergey Vovnenko was jailed for 41 months for hijacking computers and selling stolen credit card numbers.
Eric Taylor, who stole and then published sensitive information about celebrities and public figures, received three years' probation.
Both were also involved in attacks on security researcher Brian Krebs, who exposed their online criminal activity.
Global action
Mr Krebs said Vovnenko was one of the administrators of a discussion forum that traded in stolen payment cards and personal data, in a blogpost reporting the sentencing.
Mr Krebs won access to the forum only to discover Mr Vovnenko's plan to send heroin to him and then, via an anonymous tip-off, get the police to raid his home. Prompt action by Mr Krebs foiled the attempt to frame him.
In 2014, Vovnenko was arrested in Italy then extradited to the US for trial for his part in running the card fraud forum and for compromising computers from which saleable data was stolen.
As well as serving a 41-month sentence, Vovnenko will also be supervised for three years following his release and must pay compensation of $83,368 (67,000).
Taylor was arrested in 2012 as part of a massive series of raids on criminal hacker groups around the world, co-ordinated by the FBI.
Taylor was a member of a hacker group that published some of the stolen data exposing sensitive information about celebrities, prominent public figures and ordinary Americans.
He targeted Mr Krebs after the blogger exposed his part in hacking a Russian underground forum that harboured information stolen from a US consumer data firm.
In the hoax attack, Taylor used an instant message service to make it look like Mr Krebs was reporting that his home had been invaded by Russians who had shot his wife and were holding him hostage.
The report led to Mr Krebs being briefly handcuffed outside his home while officers swept his home seeking the Russian criminals.
Mr Krebs was released after police realised it was a hoax and because paperwork revealed that the blogger had reported the possibility that he would be subject to this type of attack some weeks earlier.
Broadband / Re: What's your usage?
« Last post by snadge on 20 February 2017, 13:02:58 »
@ den - imagine trying to do that on an old ADSL connection...
lol:1  Yeah wouldn't happen  ;D

i used to get 200-300gb out of my 16Mb with peak time usage limits on falconnet
Broadband / Re: What's your usage?
« Last post by Den1 on 20 February 2017, 12:48:30 »
@ den - imagine trying to do that on an old ADSL connection...
lol:1  Yeah wouldn't happen  ;D
Broadband / Re: What's your usage?
« Last post by KRW on 20 February 2017, 12:47:58 »
Hyperoptic nee BE, 48 1gig, 28 100Mb with phone

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Broadband / Re: What's your usage?
« Last post by KRW on 20 February 2017, 12:41:09 »
You'd need to be on BE and bonded lines

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Broadband / Re: What's your usage?
« Last post by snadge on 20 February 2017, 12:33:11 »
@ den - imagine trying to do that on an old ADSL connection...
Chit-Chat / Re: Interesting world we are living in
« Last post by Den1 on 20 February 2017, 09:53:47 »
In my view Trump is doing what most people think about doing but don't have the balls to do.
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