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Video / Re: Portable Moniter with PS3 super slim
« Last post by totallyrocks on 20 April 2017, 15:56:49 »

In the above thread they say you cant have multiple video outputs but can have more than 1 audio.  If I use the 'SCART'/AV OUT cable and jack cable for audio would the HDMI turn off even if the video on the SCART isn't being used?

Would it recognise theres no connetion or just think there is by plugging the cable in?

This is the big question and only way to avoid using more adapters/space/sockets/power in a small camper van.

Cheers 1bit
Computers / There's a patch to reinstate Windows 7 & 8.1 on Kaby Lake CPUs
« Last post by 1bit on 20 April 2017, 11:48:51 »

A CLEVER USER has found a way to get round Microsoft's ban on Windows 7 and 8.1 installations on machines with certain chipsets.

Microsoft recently enforced a rule that stops computers running Intel Kaby Lake processors from installing updates to earlier operating systems. Kaby Lake is a recent model of chip and as such, for many it brought a premature end-of-life to their machines. AMD's Bristol Ridge range is also blocked.

Microsoft, for its part, is simply trying to get users to migrate to Windows 10. But of course, that's 100 down the drain that the users simply weren't expecting.

Fortunately, preparations had been made. GitHubber Zeffy had been preparing for the arrival of the patch (KB3012218) which was delivered in March's Patch Tuesday.

The solution consists of four batch files, which patch the Windows DLL skipping the CPU version check and restoring balance to the force.

The reverse engineered scripts have now been released to GitHub for inspection, fiddling and general jiggery-pokery, but word on the street is that they work and that after patching, all security updates are reinstated.

Microsoft has been criticised heavily for the move which has created an artificial end-of-life to products that are not due to hit the boneyard until 2022 in the case of Windows 8.1.

The DLL in question - wuaueng.dll - which sounds like "What are you wearing darling" after 10 pints of Old Rosie, is getting revised from time to time, after which you'll need to repatch, because it resets the value of "supported CPU" back from 1' to 0' - so it's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than having to succumb to Microsoft's bullying.

Now, although the results have been good, The INQUIRER politely suggests that you backup the crap out of your computer, and make a copy of the original wuaueng.dll file and put it on a flash drive, just in case. This one's on you, ok?
Broadband / Sky doubles fibre penetration in last quarter
« Last post by 1bit on 20 April 2017, 11:47:18 »
Sky has released its results for the nine month period to the 31st March 2017 but they reveal very little in terms of broadband numbers, the key figure is that fibre penetration (take-up) is running at 24% of the providers customers. Exactly how many broadband customers have been added is not revealed, though overall Sky added 40,000 customers to reach a total of 12.7 million customers.

The last firm figure for the number of broadband customers for Sky in the UK was from the previous results at 6,107,000, which even if they gained no broadband customers means they have some 1,465,680 customers on the VDSL2 services. There is/was a handful of people on the Sky UFO York trial, and one or two sightings of people who may have Openreach GEA-FTTP.

The financial results gives us an opportunity to share some data from the Sky customer speed tests during Q1/2017, the ratio of ADSL versus FTTC customers that we see is in favour of the FTTC user base where 40% of the Sky tests we see are on a FTTC product, a good chunk higher than the financial results suggest, but given people who have had ADSL2+ for years will most likely know how it performs and people with FTTC will be keen to see how their new connection behaves this is no great surprise.


Tech News & Reviews / TalkTalk and BT rated worst for broadband in Which? survey
« Last post by 1bit on 20 April 2017, 11:39:25 »

TalkTalk and BT have received the worst customer satisfaction scores in a survey of 12 broadband providers.
They scored 38% and 45% respectively with their customers, while Sky (48%) and EE (49%) came close behind them in the Which? survey of 1,800 people.

Frequent price rises, connections that drop, unreliable speeds and "woeful" customer service all contributed to the scores, the consumer group said.
The four account for almost three-quarters of the UK broadband market.
BT alone accounts for almost a third of the country's broadband connections.

Five stars?
Zen Internet had the highest customer rating at 86% in the survey, followed by Utility Warehouse (81%), John Lewis Broadband (68%), SSE (66%) and Plusnet (65%)
Virgin Media (52%), Vodafone (50%) and the Post Office (48%) were also included.
Which? surveyed people about their broadband in November and December. The customer score is based on satisfaction levels with their provider and whether they would recommend it to others.

Those surveyed were also asked to evaluate aspects of the service, with five stars being the highest rating in seven categories, including speed, reliability and customer service.
BT scored just two stars in all seven categories, while TalkTalk also scored two stars in each except value for money, for which it got three stars.
Just four of the 12 providers scored more than three stars for speed: Zen Internet, Utility Warehouse, Virgin Media and Vodafone.
'Long way to go'
Alex Neill, Which? managing director of home services, said: "The big players still have a long way to go to satisfy their customers, so if you're unhappy with your broadband, complain and look to switch if your service doesn't improve."

A BT spokesperson said it was disappointed with the survey result and apologised to any customers who had been let down.
"Generally, our broadband performs extremely well for customers and offers very reliable speeds at peak times, according to the latest Ofcom broadband speeds report."
A TalkTalk spokesperson said: "Our extensive improvement programme has already led to fewer faults, faster average speeds, shorter times to resolve issues and customers reporting higher satisfaction levels."

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, said last month that broadband customers who suffered poor service may get automatic refunds under new plans.
Its own survey suggested that 51% of broadband customers were "very satisfied" with their provider, with 36% fairly satisfied.

That meant a "significant" minority - 13% - experienced poor service, mostly due to slow speeds or loss of service, it said.
BT had the lowest score for "very satisfied" of the four providers in the Ofcom survey at 45%, followed by TalkTalk on 49%, Sky on 52% and Virgin Media on 55%.
Last month BT agreed to Ofcom demands to legally separate Openreach, which runs the UK's broadband network, in a bid to give better service to both consumers and broadband providers.
Digital minister Matt Hancock said: "Too many people are suffering from poor customer service when things go wrong with their broadband.

"Getting a better deal for consumers is at the heart of our Digital Economy Bill, which strengthens Ofcom's power to make sure providers pay automatic compensation when service falls short."
Video / Re: Portable Moniter with PS3 super slim
« Last post by 1bit on 20 April 2017, 11:34:21 »
what I meant to say was that a picture/diagram of PS3 I very first looked at had a scart on the back which had a headphones jack next to it..must have been a different PS 

I would just try that method...  using two cables similar to one above

the difficulty you have is with the screen having no 3.5mm - cant you sell it and get one that does have audio out>?

cos the only way (that I can see & if the way above doesnt work) is by use of switches (which you dont want to do)

theres this DAC too but again requires a 5v PSU - optical out-to-3.5mm

Chit-Chat / Re: Who do you want as your next Prime-minister?
« Last post by Roco on 20 April 2017, 01:18:27 »
Shame Putin  isn't standing   C:-)
i go with Brenda from Bristol , and yet again I won't be voting , >:D

Chit-Chat / Re: Driving test: Learners must be able to use sat navs
« Last post by Roco on 18 April 2017, 22:32:38 »
@ Fudgie  you must have a smart Satnav , would love to set mine to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG0v9tZStAk but only does English . USA English ?   Dutch German or French
unfortunately my first heard language Jersaire ( old Norman French that even the French  today don't understand , )  only 150 fluent  speakers today ,  although I have heard it's back on the islands school language course's  ,   should languages be allowed to die out ,  we respect old historic buildings  to the tune of billions , and ignore the original builders way of thinking and talking , 
Video / Re: Portable Moniter with PS3 super slim
« Last post by totallyrocks on 18 April 2017, 22:06:11 »
p.p.s the PS3 diag I looked at showed a SCART connection and also a Audio Out Headphone jack...??

ok theres this method but i dunno if it will disable the VIDEO OUT on the HDMI otherwise you would need a switch which can take HDMI and split it but also split audio out

one of these 1080i AV Out

And one of these

connect the AV out to PS3 -> WHITE/RED RCA on Component cable -> to female adpaters on one below -> other end to vans 3.5mm Jack input

Hoefully the HDMI wont turn off... if it dos you can always use a Component to HDMi converter to get video back through HDMI

something like this

might get em all cheapers eslwhere...but if the fist two together dont turn off HDMI (unlikely) then buy the switch and plug the RED GREEN BLUE into thet and HDMI from the otherside to the monitor



I wouldnt call the PS3 'AV MULTI OUT' a SCART but maybe your using it as a generic term. 

Theres no audio jack just an optical out i believe, and want to avoid an adapters that require power as it means another wire going to the vans inverter just to be turned back to 5v.

If the HDMI doesnt turn off I can use a HDMI to mini HDMI for the video, then the AV to composite+ composite to audio jack for audio.  Its not pretty but it may work, though I still need a USB to power the moniter which could be done from a small battery pack/phone bank
Chit-Chat / Re: How's your garden looking?
« Last post by Roco on 18 April 2017, 22:03:36 »
Fudgie , know you are a good caring guy ,  my thoughts are to keep in contact with the Son , sure if the dear old soul makes it home to see her garden , let family decide if they need your help , if they do I am sure she would appreciate knowing  you were helping if only for her husbands future ,
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