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Author Topic: Request for help  (Read 175 times)

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Request for help
« on: 29 May 2018, 09:42:15 »
I run an app and the hotspot on my phone while at work, with the device plugged in to my computer to charge. On our original HP Z230 machines, this used to be fine, and would charge (using the highest power output USB slot) while all this was on.

On our newer Dell, Optiplex 7050 Micro machines, the output is lower and the phone is now losing power even when plugged in. In an attempt to circumvent this, I have plugged in a dual input USB Cable (2 male to 1 female) in the hopes of improving the output, however the phone is losing power still, just as quickly as before. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this to charge once more, or if I'm using the dual input cable wrong?

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Re: Request for help
« Reply #1 on: 29 May 2018, 14:47:53 »
Hi welcome to the forum  :)
Its most likely the power output from the usb port on the new machine is somewhat less than your old machine, example would be the power output from the usb could be say 500mA  the device you are plugging in might need 650mA to charge/run the device, do remember though usb ports on computers are not designed as charging ports they are for devices that require little power to run.   ;)
Hope this helps 

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Re: Request for help
« Reply #2 on: 01 June 2018, 14:08:16 »
if this indeed the case try 1 or more USB3.0 ports if you have any as they are rated for 900mA

it could also be the battery on your phone is poor, how long does it hold a full charge for?

have you tried a 1500-2000mA charger?
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