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What kind of Christmas/Holidays did you have this year? by Roco
[Today at 01:36:47]

I am back did you miss me by Roco
[Today at 01:15:54]

Dash Cams, which one? by Roco
[Today at 00:41:54]

BT guarantees broadband speeds for two new services by Roco
[Today at 00:08:51]

Tempting Fate ! by Roco
[18 January 2018, 23:30:51]

The weather or wtf (what a nice surprise) by 1bit
[18 January 2018, 12:34:55]

Android P release date, name and features rumours by 1bit
[18 January 2018, 12:34:00]

Hackers taking over computers with fake Meltdown and Spectre fixes by 1bit
[18 January 2018, 12:32:32]

iPhone 'text bomb' can crash your phone by text by 1bit
[18 January 2018, 12:30:05]

Well it finally happened..... by fudgietheoriginal
[17 January 2018, 01:42:19]

nas to pc transfer rate slow?? by Roco
[15 January 2018, 19:16:23]

Who cares, just make it work! by fudgietheoriginal
[13 January 2018, 23:02:54]

The AA battery that never dies by 1bit
[13 January 2018, 11:48:34]

Google pulls dozens of fake security apps which secretly stole data by 1bit
[12 January 2018, 15:21:37]

25p "Latte Levy" to be introduced? by fudgietheoriginal
[11 January 2018, 08:43:30]

AMD drops prices of Ryzen as 12nm Ryzen 2 are about to unleash by 1bit
[11 January 2018, 00:28:46]

VPN being offered by Avast by fudgietheoriginal
[10 January 2018, 08:57:52]

Just another Novest by fudgietheoriginal
[09 January 2018, 02:36:09]

Parliament’s porn problem saw over 24,000 try to access smut in just 5 months by fudgietheoriginal
[09 January 2018, 02:02:27]

Forum updated to latest version by fudgietheoriginal
[08 January 2018, 11:28:47]

18 January 2018, 12:32:32 by 1bit | Views: 19 | Comments: 0


While the likes of Google, Microsoft and chip manufacturers scramble to fix the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, hackers have been working on fake patches, riddled with malware and distributed via dubious websites claiming to be supported by security authorities.

This malware, known as Smoke Loa
18 January 2018, 12:30:05 by 1bit | Views: 21 | Comments: 0


A "text bomb" has been discovered which can crash iPhones just by being sent to a victim's device.

Software developer Abraham Masri discovered the bug and said he released it to get Apple's attention after his reports and warning to the company went unheeded.

The "text bomb" code is so tox
17 January 2018, 14:45:39 by 1bit | Views: 71 | Comments: 5


Consumers are being guaranteed minimum speeds of 100Mbps in two new ultrafast broadband services from BT.

Those who signed up to either package would get £20 compensation if their internet download speed fell below 100Mbps, up to four times a year, according to BT.

But only 250,000 homes w
13 January 2018, 11:48:34 by 1bit | Views: 56 | Comments: 0


Charging with cables. On any given day I can put my phone on to charge multiple times, often with a powerbank that then needs its own battery boost. To quote the accurate words of viral sensation, Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Over the past three years, Ossia has been the company pion
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