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Author Topic: Antivirus Connundrum  (Read 167 times)

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Antivirus Connundrum
« on: 07 January 2018, 20:00:34 »
I have been using Avast Free Antivirus for years without a hitch really, untill I was contacted by my bank, who told me that any claims of fraud on my account COULD be affected if I was found to be using a free antivirus as free versions are not as robust as the best paid for antivirus, so not wanting to have banking fraud protection affected in any way, I followed their advice and purchased a  subscription based software with auto update,  as a result I changed to Kaspersky Int Sec 2017 on a yearly subscription.......problem solved???...NO...because my employers  uk security department has now contacted me and I have been advised due to recent investigations and information to uninstall any Kaspersky product from my pc as it could compromise communications between myself and my employer...SO, I seem to be left with UK/USA antivirus options, what can you  recommend.

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Re: Antivirus Connundrum
« Reply #1 on: 07 January 2018, 21:15:08 »
if it were me I would look at AV-Comparatives / AV-Test latest and last few months/rounds of testing results and make a decision -also Virus-Bulletin as their test is only the top 100 current threats and a pass is detection of all 100 without any false positives...but its worth lookinh

but usually BitDefender, Kaspersky & Avira come out tops year after year, Symantec (Norton) I am using on trial ATM and while doesn't quite have the 'detection' powers as some of the aforementioned clients, it does have the nicest software in terms of looks and options - but security/protection is the main thing you want so Norton would be a BMW/Mercedes (looks nice & does the job) whereas the others would be bomb proof Presidential Transits (might not look great but will certainly do its job) hehe

I would say Bitdefender (but is Romanian) - or Avira (but is German) - Norton is 'Yeehaa' -

heres an Interesting article:
BitDefender is Romanian. Avast comes from the Czech Republic. Avira and GDATA are made in Germany. AVG is Dutch. Trend Micro is based in Tokyo. Bullguard and Comodo are British. Checkpoint comes from Israel. ESET is Slovakian. Their governments are as likely to spy on friends and foes alike as Russia or China.
If you insist on an American-made antivirus program, there's PC Matic, which proudly advertises that fact in television commercials. McAfee, Norton, Fortinet, Webroot and Vipre are also based in the USA. Oh, and of course, you have Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender (included in Windows 8/10). If you want both FREE and made-in-America, Fortinet's FortiClient and the two Microsoft products mentioned above are the only freebies I know of that meet those criteria.

BULLGUARD while British made im sure uses both AVAST and BITDEFENDER engines (or did) and is would be extremely effective, but when I tested it a few years back it was top-heavy on the system...at least it used to be - remember all have free trials for 30-90 days so try some then make a decision :)
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