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Author Topic: There's a patch to reinstate Windows 7 & 8.1 on Kaby Lake CPUs  (Read 182 times)

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A CLEVER USER has found a way to get round Microsoft's ban on Windows 7 and 8.1 installations on machines with certain chipsets.

Microsoft recently enforced a rule that stops computers running Intel Kaby Lake processors from installing updates to earlier operating systems. Kaby Lake is a recent model of chip and as such, for many it brought a premature end-of-life to their machines. AMD's Bristol Ridge range is also blocked.

Microsoft, for its part, is simply trying to get users to migrate to Windows 10. But of course, that's 100 down the drain that the users simply weren't expecting.

Fortunately, preparations had been made. GitHubber Zeffy had been preparing for the arrival of the patch (KB3012218) which was delivered in March's Patch Tuesday.

The solution consists of four batch files, which patch the Windows DLL skipping the CPU version check and restoring balance to the force.

The reverse engineered scripts have now been released to GitHub for inspection, fiddling and general jiggery-pokery, but word on the street is that they work and that after patching, all security updates are reinstated.

Microsoft has been criticised heavily for the move which has created an artificial end-of-life to products that are not due to hit the boneyard until 2022 in the case of Windows 8.1.

The DLL in question - wuaueng.dll - which sounds like "What are you wearing darling" after 10 pints of Old Rosie, is getting revised from time to time, after which you'll need to repatch, because it resets the value of "supported CPU" back from 1' to 0' - so it's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than having to succumb to Microsoft's bullying.

Now, although the results have been good, The INQUIRER politely suggests that you backup the crap out of your computer, and make a copy of the original wuaueng.dll file and put it on a flash drive, just in case. This one's on you, ok?
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