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Author Topic: got new routers (UPDATE)  (Read 78 times)

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got new routers (UPDATE)
« on: 10 April 2017, 18:32:40 »
off bro in law

2 x BT Home Hub 5B (Broadcoms) :)
1 x YouView Box dunno if i can use it?

2 x SKY Boxes but i left em... n shud of took em!! as crap as they are and only work on sky...

gunna try the 5B's tomoz

told PlusNet (PlusNet Hub One - Lantiq Chipset) im buying a new router to resolve the issue after asking me for a wifi channel change and attempt on 2.4Ghz

I said inSSDer reports NO CO-CHANNEL or CO-HABITING - 100% connection... was 4 channels away from neighbours, tried higher RADAR channels and still the same... as it takes a reboot I know its not the wifi, hopefully the BTHH5B will stop my issue
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Re: got new routers
« Reply #1 on: 10 April 2017, 21:21:12 »
Nice one  :D  You view will work apart from the iptv bit  you need to subscribe for that.
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Re: got new routers (UPDATED)
« Reply #2 on: 16 April 2017, 22:06:35 »
well day 3 and connections not only stayed 37Mbps

1) The Max Rate has gone from 65Mb to 73Mb...!!
2) Latency has dropped 2ms
3) It reports my line as 50m shorter than the PN Hub at 410m (BThub) vs 463m (PNhub)
4) speed hasnt dipped from 37Mbps once and gives consistent results whereas before they were slightly inconsistent
5) 2.4Ghz wifi is -10db stronger

I now just have to wait for BT to turn G.INP back on in ECI CABs....or maybe the have hence the better connectivity and latency (only works on broadcom chipsets, used to be on ECI CABs / Lantiqs chipsets but they had to turn it off on Lantiq cos it was causing problem...further proof Lantiq has an issue with fibre

I think its fair to say Broadcom is the better chispet to have REGARDLESS of being on an ECI CAB (Lantiq) or HAUWEI CAB (Broadcom)

also their Internal test came back different with the HH5B connected

PLUSNET HUB ONE (before switch)

BT HOME HUB 5B (after switch) - notice how they look different for each router

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Re: got new routers (UPDATE)
« Reply #3 on: 17 April 2017, 07:04:48 »
That's great 1bit glad you've now got stability it's been a long haul with no constructive help from on.

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