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Anyone else seeing slow speed / connectivity issues with site? by 1bit
[23 May 2017, 14:46:48]

Windows 7 hardest hit by WannaCry worm by Jay9
[22 May 2017, 12:35:02]

[21 May 2017, 18:50:56]

Moving by 1bit
[20 May 2017, 14:32:58]

Text-to-switch plan for mobile users by Jay9
[20 May 2017, 13:32:25]

Security Upgraded / Forum Upgraded by 1bit
[19 May 2017, 21:18:15]

Android O beta testing by thar
[19 May 2017, 07:21:28]

How Supermarkets rip us off by thar
[18 May 2017, 20:38:44]

ITV could disappear from Virgin Media by Jay9
[18 May 2017, 20:00:46]

Alien 'Covenant' - A Review by fudgietheoriginal
[18 May 2017, 19:22:17]

Speed and latency problems repeat once again for Virgin Media users by 1bit
[18 May 2017, 18:33:14]

NASA reveals Cold War nuclear testing effects on space weather by 1bit
[18 May 2017, 16:17:14]

Another one bites the dust by 1bit
[18 May 2017, 14:29:31]

GPs in Shropshire to demand NHS patients must pay for routine appointments by 1bit
[17 May 2017, 22:42:45]

As if we havent known for at least 5 years now... by 1bit
[17 May 2017, 21:27:26]

AMD R9 'Threadripper' - 16/32 Core/thread CPU by 1bit
[17 May 2017, 21:21:09]

Tory politician heralds poll showing TWO-THIRDS of voters want Brexit by Den1
[17 May 2017, 18:43:16]

Opera now comes with FB Messenger & WhatsApp chat built in by 1bit
[17 May 2017, 18:07:00]

Just another rant about parking tickets by fudgietheoriginal
[17 May 2017, 18:05:57]

Boris Johnson criticised by Sikh woman over whisky comment in temple by 1bit
[17 May 2017, 17:20:26]

18 May 2017, 16:17:14 by 1bit | Views: 21 | Comments: 0


The declassified Cold War documents offer researchers the ability to protect satellites and astronauts from radiation in space. The fallout from nuclear weapons testing during the Cold War extended beyond the halls of Washington and Moscow and caused extreme changes to the immediate environment in the space surr
18 May 2017, 14:17:48 by 1bit | Views: 34 | Comments: 1


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Saw this on TV yesterday how the pharmaceutical industry is a huge rip off. Martin Lewis said to look out for the PL number on the side of drug packaging and if they match, they are the same drug in different packaging. So looked for myself in Asda, the pictured tablets are Sudafed C
17 May 2017, 17:27:09 by 1bit | Views: 48 | Comments: 3


The last week has seen what appears to be a larger than normal set of complaints about speed test performance for Virgin Media customers, and investigating this evening suggests that the problems experienced back in March 2017 are repeating, i.e. periods of time where the baseline latency increases and many peop
17 May 2017, 16:19:26 by 1bit | Views: 26 | Comments: 0


Huge chip showcased

Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, has showed the first Naples chip and, trust us, it looks good.

This is no surprise as it is a 32-core single socket processor that will be known as Epyc. So, in case you hadn't realized, the Opteron brand dies to makes some space for server – data ce
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