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Norton is back on AV-Comparatives...False Alarm Tests March 2017 by 1bit
[22 April 2017, 18:29:25]

There's now a tool to test for NSA spyware by 1bit
[22 April 2017, 18:01:01]

Computer pioneer Harry Huskey dies aged 101 by 1bit
[22 April 2017, 17:58:19]

Who do you want as your next Prime-minister? by Roco
[22 April 2017, 04:06:07]

Portable Moniter with PS3 super slim by 1bit
[20 April 2017, 16:27:55]

There's a patch to reinstate Windows 7 & 8.1 on Kaby Lake CPUs by 1bit
[20 April 2017, 11:48:51]

Sky doubles fibre penetration in last quarter by 1bit
[20 April 2017, 11:47:18]

TalkTalk and BT rated worst for broadband in Which? survey by 1bit
[20 April 2017, 11:39:25]

Driving test: Learners must be able to use sat navs by Roco
[18 April 2017, 22:32:38]

How's your garden looking? by Roco
[18 April 2017, 22:03:36]

Annual Easter chaos ( warning long rant) by Roco
[18 April 2017, 21:51:56]

added novice corner for those noobs :) by Roco
[18 April 2017, 21:36:01]

Issues with website (possibly Tapatalk related) by KRW
[17 April 2017, 22:47:22]

Leaked NSA exploits plant a bull's-eye on Windows Server by fudgietheoriginal
[17 April 2017, 07:16:40]

got new routers (UPDATE) by KRW
[17 April 2017, 07:04:48]

Don't sleep walk into broadband price rises by 1bit
[16 April 2017, 21:07:40]

Boosting phone signal and data in rural spain by Den1
[15 April 2017, 19:12:54]

Huawei P10 Plus review: A big, beautiful phone with a steep price tag by 1bit
[15 April 2017, 18:10:12]

Better Call Saul - Season 3 - now on by fudgietheoriginal
[13 April 2017, 21:50:42]

Brexit vote site may have been hacked, MPs say in report by fudgietheoriginal
[12 April 2017, 10:18:54]

22 April 2017, 18:01:01 by 1bit | Views: 10 | Comments: 0


Has your computer been infected with a suspected NSA spying implant? A security researcher has come up with a free tool that can tell.

Luke Jennings of security firm Countercept wrote a script in response to last week’s high-profile leak of cyberweapons that some researchers believe are from the U.S.
22 April 2017, 17:58:19 by 1bit | Views: 7 | Comments: 0


Engineer Harry Huskey, who helped build many of the first ever computers, has died aged 101.
Dr Huskey was a key member of the team that built the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (Eniac) which first ran in February 1946.
Eniac is widely considered to be one of the first electronic, general
20 April 2017, 11:39:25 by 1bit | Views: 39 | Comments: 0


TalkTalk and BT have received the worst customer satisfaction scores in a survey of 12 broadband providers.
They scored 38% and 45% respectively with their customers, while Sky (48%) and EE (49%) came close behind them in the Which? survey of 1,800 people.

Frequent price rises, connections that d
15 April 2017, 18:13:13 by 1bit | Views: 61 | Comments: 2


Given the amount of advertising around broadband switching and broadband offers one would hope that everyone is keeping an eye on what they are actually paying, rather than blindly assuming their provider will automatically switch them to the cheapest tariff. Unfortunately a cautionary note from Citizens Advice
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