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12 August 2017, 20:20:32 by 1bit | Views: 71 | Comments: 0


A US technology firm has developed a drone that is able to aim and fire at enemies while flying in mid-air.
The Tikad drone, developed by Duke Robotics, is armed with a machine-gun and a grenade launcher.
The gun can be fired only by remote control, and is designed to reduce military casualties by cutting the nu
09 August 2017, 14:20:46 by 1bit | Views: 97 | Comments: 1


THE DUDE WHO THE National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) thought should write what should become de facto password rules has apologised for his efforts, some 14 years later and countless password hacks down the line.

Bill Burr, a former manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
08 August 2017, 16:56:12 by 1bit | Views: 103 | Comments: 1


The Pentagon has given US military bases permission to shoot down or otherwise destroy consumer drones flying overhead and nearby.
A spokesman revealed that guidance was issued on 4 August.
He said the exact terms of the policy were classified.
The move comes days after the US Army ordered its own troops to
08 August 2017, 16:49:38 by 1bit | Views: 90 | Comments: 0


INTEL HAS UNVEILED a brand new form factor for solid state disc drives (SSDs).

Intel Optane's new "ruler" format will allow up to a petabyte of storage on a single 1U server rack.

Although new formats are emerging all the time, this one seems particularly timely, coming as it does at a time when we h
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