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Author Topic: Windows 10 Spring Creators Update delayed after Microsoft finds 'blocking bug'  (Read 182 times)

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A SHOWSTOPPER is delaying the rollout of Microsoft's Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (Build 1803).

According to Windows Central, a 'blocking bug' (meh, same thing) has been found, which meant that the planned roll out alongside Patch Tuesday yesterday was called off.

Got some more info on this: Microsoft was going to rollout on April 10, but found a blocking bug over the weekend that was bad enough to hold the release. Not sure if bug was fixed in 17133.73 or if it'll come in another patch. RS4 will likely begin rollout in a couple weeks now. https://t.co/qxcbHCdPUo
Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) April 10, 2018
Details of the nature of the problem are still withheld. We asked for more information on Tuesday morning and once again their poor put-upon PR team had to come back to us at the end of the day saying that they would get back to us when they could.

In other words, Microsoft had told them to say nothing, which for a corporation that has made repeated claims that it was going to be 'more open' is ridiculous and goes some way to explaining why we don't bother waiting for comment from them anymore - we'd never get anything done.

We've been referring to this update as the "Spring Creators Update" in lieu of anything official, but it does seem that even this is still open to debate, which is odd within itself.

Right now, it looks like we probably won't see a rollout in the stable channel for another couple of weeks, so you'll have to hang on until then, and then for the several weeks or months, it usually takes to roll out completely.

Highlights are expected to include S-Mode and Timeline, and the download itself is expected to be much quicker than before.  

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